Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Timeus Maths Reflection

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IALT:Write a Reflection about my Maths in my learning.

Today I am going to be talking about my maths because I wanted to share something that I have learnt with my teacher. Yesterday We were learning about using a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole numbers. So my teacher Mrs Komor that was teaching us got some blocks and he covered the blocks with the amount with a book and we had to try and guess how many are their. So she lift up the book and showed and then after that she closed it as fast as a cheetah. Then we had to figure out how many are their because she closed it fast. My answer was 12 because I know that 6 x 2 = 12 instead of saying 2+2+2+2+2 which is that slowest way of showing that strategy. But that was not the answer and it was 14 because 7 x 2 = 14.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Timeus Indigenous Games Reflection

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IALT: Write a reflection about how games and talking about Indigenous Games.

Today I am going to be talking about how games are made and also able to learn ways that were created. Games is like an activity that are made for people that like to do because it helps them to get well on human being and also its a physical thing to do when playing a game and other more. I am going to be talking about two games that I like, The first game is Rock, Paper, Scissors and another game called Gandalf circle. What I remember about these games is that it is like a physical thing to do because when you play that game you kinda get the hang of it when you know how to play that and helps your brain to developed more in you learning about games. I think Rock,Paper,Scissors comes from a person that used to do when that kid was like a inventor. This person used a rock and Paper to match the game of how it works and also scissors to cut the paper and then after that he used his hands to figure out how it work with a real rock, paper and scissors and combine that into playing it with hand. If you guys don't know how to play Gandalf circle game then I will tell how this game works. You get in a circle with either 5 or more if you like and you have to get the amount of sticks for each person in the circle and you have to hand them over to the guys that are standing in the circle. Then one person will say either left or right and whoever drops their stick losses. I think this game come from the movie 'lord of the rings' because how that character had a stick in and he used it in the circle of that scene in the movie and everyone copied it in real life.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kiwican: Facing Challenges. Day 3 Reflection

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Yesterday, We had Kiwi Can in the afternoon because we went swimming at 12:30 at the Panmure Lagoon pools. For Kiwi Can we were doing some activities outside like play the netball game with room 10 but different. What we had to do is that we had to stand inside the cones so like make your cones larger so that other people can fit in the spot and then after that you use any kind of netball and you have to tag them with the ball without moving, You can pass it to your teammates and try to get the other person while the opponents are running around and also you are not allowed to go out of the cones or else you are out. We were veruses Boys Vs Girls with Room 9 and Room 10 students and it was fun play that game and I was able to show confidence from the game and also able to use the time to communicate to each other through the game. What I found challenging about this game is that it was easy for us to play but a bit rough but it was a great and I really enjoyed it playing with my friends. This game also showed the school values because I was able to faced the challenges of what I came up with and also showing the school values towards each other.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Assembly Reflection

Image result for AssemblyHello guys, Today I am going to be talking about my day at assembly because I wanted to show t you guys how is it like to be in a assembly for school or meetings like other things. The reason why we were going to the assembly at school is because it was maori language week and Our school wanted to celebrate that by representing what maori language week is like for example, Maori games and more. Some of the things that I know from assembly is that I was able to learn the three songs of maori language. 'Te Aroha' Song, 'Tutira Ma' Song and 'Matariki' Song. The first song that Mrs Kyle (Room 10's teacher) sang that song that we all know because it was my favorite song that I learned when I was little and then we sang the song to show the school values. The song showed Manaakitanga which means Caring for others. What it was like to be in a assembly is that I really enjoyed listening to notices to see what the new things are coming up and also able to give out awards to students. 

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Food Technology Day 3 Reflection

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WALT: Write a Reflection about Food Technology that we learned about.

Today I am going to be talking about my Food Technology that we learned from collage. Our school went to tamaki collage for Tech because we wanted to learn this things and also a hobby that will help get a job by doing technology. For example cooking, Graphics, Soft and hard Materials. I was so excited because would really help my hobby in becoming one of these tech that will fit into me. Today my group went to cooking and we were making a Potato salad with sausages. 
The Materials that you need is:

1x Potato Peeler
1x Big Bowl
1x Grater
1x Pot
1x Sharp Knife and 
1x Chopping Board

The Ingredients you need is:
1x Carrots (Optional)
3x Potatos
1x Purple onion
2x Sausages (Optional)
1x Pack of Ham

Step 1: First you peel your potato's and put your potato skin in the rubbish.
2. Then after that, Rotate your potato and cut with your knife in 1/2. then turn it again and make sure to hold your half potato and cut medium size with your potato in half and then after that put your cut potato's in a pot and put water inside to boil it and same goes for the eggs.
3. Cut your onions like the same as the potato's and put it in a big bowl. Then grate your carrots into the same bowl that you did with your onions.
Step 2: Put your packed ham in a pan and your sausages onto one pan to cook it.
3. When the ham is cooked, Make sure that you cut them into squares or anything that you want into the same bowl that you did with your onions and carrots. 
4. Get your Potato's and use a cold water to cool down the potato's and put them into the same bowl.
5. Put some mayo or marinade inside the bowl and mix it with your spoon.
6. Once your sausages are cooked. Place them into a place using your tongs.

And that is how you make a potato salad serve it with your sausages and you can feed it to your family's so they can try out your cooking that you did.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cross Country Day 10 Reflection

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Today I am going to be talking about my Fitness for doing the cross country by practicing at our school. If you guys don't know what the Cross Country is when you have to run around the block or climbing up the mountains and finishing at the lap. But for us we had to run around the school for only one lap, Others wanted to run two laps so they go to the front and we at the back and they start to run first, While they run further we get to run second and we had to try and get to the end with effect. I started by nearly running at the front of the runners but I slowed down and I decided to jog slowly and take my time to not get any injuries. So I decided to keep on going until I reach the end, Then I decided stop at where my friends are still struggling. We talked all the way by running and then suddenly my friend starts to run all the way to the finishing line. I started to run until I reached the finishing but I still run all the way with out stopping but then I stopped nearly at the finishing line and so then I started to walk to the finishing line because it was close and then few seconds later I reached the line. What I found challenging about the cross country is that I was able to keep up with myself so that I can make sure that when ever I stop then I take my time to get to the finishing.  

A Title for Fitness Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about a fitness title that I did with my group with Siale, Tevita, Alone, L.J, Myself and Aletheia. This is a Google drawing of our fitness title to make for our Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was so excited to make a title for our fitness so that it can be blogged on the site where all of the schools videos are placed on the Manaiakalani Film Festival Website. This title for fitness represents all of the exercises that we did for fitness at the top courts. But what it found challenging about this is that we were finding the photos for fitness so that it represents our title of what we are to putting on for our Film. We added a Title called 'Room 9 We lit 2BFit' and we put some words that represents this google drawing. 'Be Happy, Be positive, Be LIT and FIT...' and 'Always be LIT. So we can always be LIT and on FIRE'. Siale came up with this idea and we had to try a use some of the photos to represent the title of what we are doing.

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