Friday, 18 August 2017

Maths Reflection

IALT: Reflect on how I worked it out with this question.

I am going to be reflecting on about how I worked out this question using my strategies to figure out the answer. This was my question, 'Emily bought 12 packets of hair ties. There were 4 hair ties in each packet. emily, Millee, and Sam all worked out the total number of hair ties differently'. And one of these strategies will have the right answer for this word problem. The first one was Emily's strategy. 'I know that 12 x 2 is 24. So 12 x 4 is double 24. 12 x 4 = 48'. Next is Millee strategy. 12 x 4 = 4 x 12 4 x 12 = (4 x 10) + (4 x 2) = 40 + 8 = 48. And the last strategy is Sam's. '12 x 4 = 4 x 12 = (5 x 12) - 12. 5 x 12 = (5 x 10) + (5 x 2) = 50 + 10 = 60. 12 x 4 = 60 - 12 = 48. One of the best strategy that I liked is Millee strategy. The reason why is because he/she is using times table to answer it in a different way than using Addition and Takeaways. And also using a bracket to solve the answer faster.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cybersmart reflection

IALT: Write a reflection about our Cybersmart Map.

Today I am going to be talking about my cybersmart map. This is a map the things on my history computer that I have went to sense the time I went on those websites. On my map I start from my google presentation. The yellow picture means that I have been doing some of my work on a Google Presentation. Then after that I went to Google searching about the things that I want for my work. After google I went to Google Drawing where I started a work with a template on it. The after Drawing, I go to Google Document and then after that I go to youtube where I search up a video of my work and then after that it will end on Google drive where I check my work to see what I have not completed. The reason why I have created a map of what I went on with my computer is because to check my history to see if I have been on the right website if not. This was for our cybersmart work so that When we create a map like I did. It will tell us when did you start and when did you finish at the end.

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Friday, 11 August 2017

My Own DLO of a Padlet

Made with Padlet
IALT:Create my own Dream of what I want to be in a DLO or a Padlet.

Today I had created myself a Padlet, The reason why I have created this is because is because I had written my self with a sheet of all the things about me and what my work will be or a dream.
This is the picture of a sheet that I did with Room 10 and my class Room 9. What I have written on it was about me. Then after that I had written the things of people that look up to me, I had put my family in it because so that they will support me when I am at work playing Basketball on training or on a Basketball game. Then after that I have written the Important things in my life will be is being able to work hard in my learning so that I can get a better education and able for me to go to collage and learning some advanced work. The next section is about my work which is becoming a Basketball player and the reason why I want to become a basketball player is because I want to be like Steven Adams and being able to play a center Position. 

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Technology Reflection

Image result for Technology

IALT: To reflect on Technology

This week on Thursday, We had our Technology at Tamaki Collage. At Tamaki Collage we were going their for our technology. My group went to the graphics room with Mrs Ferguson. We were finishing off our clocks for our family to bring so that it looks like a real clock. People were doing the painting part so that they can design their clocks for their parents. Some of my friends were painting a bull shape, Shield shape and others with decorations. I painted myself a cook island flag with the stars white and the whole background blue. But first I finished drawing my work shape that I have to do and then after that I gave to our Graphic teacher for scanning the shape, Then after that, Mrs Ferguson put me and friend perenara paper of our shapes into another scanner where she places all of the shapes into a square box and then she puts a flat smooth wood onto a cutting machine but with a laser so that it can cut easily. Then after when it finished. I then had got a back one and a front clock so that when we paint our clocks. We would put our attachments into our clocks and it would look like a clock.

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Dream of What I want to Be

WALT: Write about our Dreams of what we I want to be.

Today, Mrs Aireen told us about what is career. Career is something that people would find a job that is helpful for them. It depends on the paycheck when sometimes jobs have a lot of paycheck because they are expensive but bigger paycheck. That is why Miss Arieen teach about What is Career?. This is a presentation about our dreams of what we want to be. I chose 3 of my work that I have chose for myself. My first one is basketball and the reason why I chose my favorite sport to play is basketball is because I want to be a Center position just like the New Zealander NBA Player Steven Adams. My second dream is a undercover person. So when I know that their someone that is doing something dangerous, Then I would call the police and to make sure no one gets hurt. My next is my dream. My dream for me is to become a Businessmen. The reason why I want to be a businessmen is because so that I can look after my family by showing the school values and supporting my family for what I have achieved. This is will help me in the future so when I forget what I want to be then I can choose from one of these dreams that I want to be.

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Monday, 7 August 2017

Kiwisport Day 2

WALT: Write a Reflection about Day 2 Kiwisport.
On Day 2, Today we had hip hop for Kiwi sport. We were reflecting on the Hip hop brainstorm and their were 4 elements that are connected to Hip hop dance or Artist. 

The first one is rap and rap is like writing a song of what you wanted to name and making a rhythm out of it. The second element is DJ and DJ has been one of the most popular music instrument but with equipment. The DJ was started in around the 1970's. The third element is Break dancing. Break dancing is different to Hip Hop but doing it on the streets. Break dancing started in america at New York in 1973 where people would enjoy dancing by doing any other type of their moves that they have got. The last one is Art/Graffiti. People were doing some artist like Graffiti in the 1967 and some of the people liked doing Graffiti but sometimes others didn't want some of the art to be put on buildings. That is the four elements of hip hop, The second Reflection is the dance moves. Our kiwi sport teacher teach us the same dance moves but with new moves. The new dance moves are 'The Janet Jackson' dance and 'The Alf' dance. So our teacher teached us these moves and doing the recent dance moves that we did last Monday. We did the dance in order. 'Smurf' dance 1x, 'James Brown' dance 1x, 'Janet Jackson' dance 1x and 'The Alf dance' 1x. After we practice these moves in order, We get in a circle and we started to do some freestyle moves. What it means by Freestyle is that you can do any moves that comes up in your mind.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Timeus - New for Fitness

Image result for Exercise
IALT: Write a Reflection about our New Exercise for Fitness.

On Monday, Room 9 and Room 10 were at the Netball courts at school for fitness. All of the students were lining up in our three groups so that we can go and do our exercise. But miss changed it up, The whole class of Room 9 and 10 had to run around the school and back to where we started fitness. So me and the rest of the classes lined up on the other entrance to the school. When miss said 3,2,1, GO. We ran and we turn left on the foot path. When I was running, Some of the people were showing resilience. Resilience means that people were not giving up and also they were trying their best of giving their time to finish at the end. What it made me found challenging when I was running was that I had to walk because I was too tired to run but I had never give up and I had tried my best to jog it out and just keep on running to the end. When we reached the other school entrance. We had to jog or run straight where along their is a green fence. So we run straight through them and I tried my best to not give up. I some how slowed down because one of my friends were kind of tired so I had help my friend to show the school values. When we got to the end, I was so tired that I had ran out of energy but I had done my very own best.

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